Color flames are not widely used for a number of reasons. The heat wave carried by the flame can go up to 6 meters high. Special canisters needs to be used, and one canister can only produce one color. They look spectacular and to this date nothing can replace them to generate the flame look.

With LED technology we have something that have come close to the color flames, with a lot less hassles. The 18X3W LEDs helps to cast any color you want on the to upright smoke to make it like a flame, or some sort of flamable gas. You can do more colors than you could with the fire machines. You can fire them closer to the performers even right next to them without setting them on fire.

DMX Table:
CH1 0-255 Fogging
CH2 0-255 Red dimmer
CH3 0-255 Green dimmer
CH4 0-255 Blue dimmer
CH5 0-255 Color Macro
CH6 0-255 Auto color run slow to fast
CH7 0-255 Auto color strobe slow to fast

Interval and Duration setting is also avaiable via the onboard controller.


Dimensions: 43x31x21CM
Weight: 13kg


Published in Effect Machines

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