This is the champaign of light weight moving head! At only 6Kg this mover has little competition: It has a combined 135W LED output. It has a pixel mappable LED head. You might say there are plenty of other similar ones out there and this one does not look any different, at least on surface. Well, the difference is in the details they say? XMLITE is the only manufacturer that uses Lens made in French by GAGGIONE ( which offers outstanding color mixing quality. You won't notice this difference unless you have compared it with others and you will see who is the clear winner.

This moving head has a unique function that beats other competitors hands down which is its zoom function.It has 10-50 degree zoom capability making it not just a beam but also a wash.The zoom function also serves as an extra effect if you think of it that way.

On top of that it has infinite Pan and Tilt function. So what more would you ask for a LED moving head like this? I really can not think of any.

MatriX3 features 3 DMX Modes: 16/22/50CH. Have fun programming and for your peace of mind, it is backed up by Phantos for 2 years.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:54

PHANTOS 120W LED Spot Moving Head

This moving head features a 120W LED light source, offering 245Lux at 15 meters, which is similar to 575w discharge lamp. However it weigh only 11Kg, roughly the half of what its predecessor does. It is equipped with a color wheel with 19 colors, and a gobo wheel with 7 gobos. It features different strobe and pulse strobe effects, and of course prism. This moving head will serve the need of professional DJ, production company for many years to come, just like the 575 Moving heads did in their age. Venues that are looking to upgrade their decade old lighting rig should give these LED mover a serious look. These LED moving heads has 2 DMX modes: 12/15, and they are backed by Phantos by 2 years local warranty.



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XMlite 10R Hot Beam 280W Beam/Spot/Wash 3-in-1 Moving Head.

After the much loved Sharpy style 5R, this 10R is not just a brighter beam head, its unique features include:

1, 2.5-20 degree beam angle zoom with focus, meaning within a defined distance you are able to change the size of the projected gobo image. Did you have all 5,10,15-30 degrees beam ellipsoidal each cost 700 dollars? For many customers this one moving head can replace these spot lights.

2, It come with a second gobo wheel that holds CHANGEABLE, self rotating gobos. Meaning you can make custom gobos and slide into its gobo wheel and use it as a gobo projector.

3, It come with 6 facet linear prism, and 8 facet circular facet, which take both in-air effect and image effect to a new level.

4, UV Light via Color Wheel


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We are very proud to supply Dream AV Solutions with 9 Beam 200W 5R Moving Heads, and 5 36X10W LED Moving Head today.

These will be permanently installed in a Korean Church.

Beam 200W 5R 16CH Moving Head is similar to Clay Parky Sharpy, and has been in production since 2012. They are very reliable, and hardy. Beam effect is super, and brightness beat 575 moving heads hands down, while weigh only 17Kg.

We have demos in our Sydney warehouse, and please feel free to contact us if you are interested to have a look.

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