Whether it is to illuminate a building wall (internal or external), wash a stage to create the ideal theme for a event, blind the audience during a rock band concert, this bar will impress.

The updated Outdoor Wash BAR produces rich and strong color output from its 24X4W RGBW Quad color LEDs.

38° beam angle improves the color mixing result and covers a wider area with an even and soft edge.

The bar uses it aluminium heat sink and body for cooling so there is no fan noise.


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Thursday, 03 September 2015 17:08



18° Lens offering a long throw distance of 20 Meters


Made by TopLED, CE Approved, ISO9001 Quality management system implemented

Backed by Phantos Australia with a 12 Month Australia Local Warranty!

Demo Available from showroom in Sydney


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This is a mind blowing LED audience blinder featuring 5X21W AW+UV COB LEDs. the 38° Lens offering a nice and even wash with a throw distance of up to 30 Meters thanks to those high output LEDs. The blinder is made for rock band lighting of course. Its Amber and White LEDs can mimic the traditional globes and the strobes and pulse effects are amazing. The crowd love them and they always hit them hard at the right time. The UV color is another much desired feature. The slow songs sound better with UV on. 

This audience blinder features 3 DMX modes: 7/19/15CH, offering a lot of freedom for DMX programming. A true valuable gear for any production company. It is backed with 2 years warranty.



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240X10MM RGBWA LEDs (R:48, G:48, B:48, A:48, W:48)
8 individually controllable color Pixels
4 modes: Sound, Auto, DMX, Master/Slave
Built-in Color Macros and Effects
DMX 5/9/44CH
Built-in battery for 4 Hours full open on a full charge
Built-in Wireless DMX receiver compatible with most 2.4G transmitters

If you are spending a lot of time running both DMX cables and power leads across the floor and up in the air, you know it is a pain. A job you thought should take 10 minutes turn out to cost you 2 hours because you spend a lot of time securing the cables to truss, and tape it to floor, or you ran out of cables and had to go to Bunnings.

This is the solution to save you 70% time in setup and packup, just put them in place, set the DMX address or static colors, job done.

Are the batteries reliable, and how long do they last?

All lights have been estensively tested on assembly line. They should all last for more than 3 Hours with RGBAW on 100%, which means in real life they should last 5-6 hours. The batteries can be recharged for 600 times, so for the extra cost you paid, they should have long repaid themselves before you have to replace the batteries.

Will the wireless DMX receivers work with other DMX wireless transmitter?

The wireless receivers work with most 2.4G wireless transmitter that supports 7 Universe. It is easier to use those that set universe by different colors to avoid confusion. They are compatible with wireless DMX transmitters distributed by triAngle lights.

What is the difference between this bar and the Bar 252 RGB?

The LED layout are also different. This bar has RGB LEDs in section, while 252 has them mixed. As a result, this Bar is better for Effects such as chases, while the 252 is better as wash light. However the difference is not huge, they both can do effects and wash, just they have relative strength in these two aspect.

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