24 of our battery powered LED PAR 9x10W RGBW with built in wireless dmx receiver were used in a recent The Drink Cabinet's product launch in Sydney.

Thanks to its compact flat par design, the three road cases each holding 8, can easily fit in any mid sized SUV.  You'd be luck to fit in a road case of 8 conventional PAR Can in the same vehicle.

What's more, the setup took 15 minutes! All we did is put the lights in place and switch them on, set them all to blue using a wireless DMX controller. If they hadn't come with battery and wireless DMX receivers, we need to run power lines and dmx leads, which can easily take 1 hour.  Think about the headache of estimating how many leads you need to bring and what lengths!

Reliability? these have been used a lot in the past 12 months by ourselves and our customers, everyone has been amazed by their performance. On a single charge, they can last for 5-6 hours of normal use. The wireless DMX runs on 2.4G over a distance of 100 meters and they are not interfered by mobile phones, or wifi. Once DMX wireless link established they are locked in for as long as they are turned on.

15 minutes after the event, we are on our way back to warehouse. 

If you are interested in these lights, please contact us for a free demo if you are in Sdyney, or you can hire them to try them out, for more details see below:




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