PHANTOS 120W LED Spot Moving Head


This moving head features a 120W LED light source, offering 245Lux at 15 meters, which is similar to 575w discharge lamp. However it weigh only 11Kg, roughly the half of what its predecessor does. It is equipped with a color wheel with 19 colors, and a gobo wheel with 7 gobos. It features different strobe and pulse strobe effects, and of course prism. This moving head will serve the need of professional DJ, production company for many years to come, just like the 575 Moving heads did in their age. Venues that are looking to upgrade their decade old lighting rig should give these LED mover a serious look. These LED moving heads has 2 DMX modes: 12/15, and they are backed by Phantos by 2 years local warranty.



Additional Info

  • Weight: 11
  • Brand/Manufacturer: PHANTOS
  • Buy Brand New Price: 1275
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