LHP 80W CREE LED Gobo Projector 15° 100mm Lens


A super bright LED Projector with premium 100MM optical lens. The 80W LED light source at 5000K, is bright enough for 25 Meters projecting distance. LPH is a projector manufacturer that offers projector of different sizes, and for both outdoor and indoor. This particular one is an indoor version, and is best suited to project business logo as a permanent installation, or other logos/initials for all sort of indoor events. We offer service to cut customized glass gobos or you can order from other providers as this projector has a standard size D gobo holder, which is one of the common size used for projectors (53.3mm outer diameter, and 40mm image diameter). 

The 100mm lens offers one of the best image quality. If you know something about SLR camera's you know what I am talking about. 100mm lens is used a lot in studios for their image quality, and that is what makes this projector outstanding as well. 

At 100mm the projection angle is narrowed down to about 15 degree. There is a quick formula for you to work out the image size relative to distance with this lens: Image size=Distance*0.31

Additional Info

  • Brand/Manufacturer: LHP
  • Buy Brand New Price: 750
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