XMLite Moving Head Hot Beam Wash Spot 280W 10R 16CH/24CH


XMlite 10R Hot Beam 280W Beam/Spot/Wash 3-in-1 Moving Head.

After the much loved Sharpy style 5R, this 10R is not just a brighter beam head, its unique features include:

1, 2.5-20 degree beam angle zoom with focus, meaning within a defined distance you are able to change the size of the projected gobo image. Did you have all 5,10,15-30 degrees beam ellipsoidal each cost 700 dollars? For many customers this one moving head can replace these spot lights.

2, It come with a second gobo wheel that holds CHANGEABLE, self rotating gobos. Meaning you can make custom gobos and slide into its gobo wheel and use it as a gobo projector.

3, It come with 6 facet linear prism, and 8 facet circular facet, which take both in-air effect and image effect to a new level.

4, UV Light via Color Wheel


Additional Info

  • Weight: 19
  • Brand/Manufacturer: XMLite
  • Buy Brand New Price: 2525
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