You don’t want your lighting rig having problems an hour before doors open.

That’s why it’s important to keep your equipment optimized for peak performance.

We have a service center for Professional Stage Lighting and DJ Lighting equipment repair.

We can repair moving heads, DMX controllers, fog/haze machines, Lasers, LED PAR/bars and more.


Our repair process is simple:
1. We check out your equipment and, if we can repaire it, provide you with an estimate.
2. If you approve the estimate, we repair your equipment. Otherwise, you pickup your equipment and only incur a minimum diagnostic fee (30 dollars).

There are many mechanical parts in moving head stage lighting. Models like Elation’s Moving Head 5R or Martin’s Rush MH1 are prone to breakdown if not properly maintained leading to sticky or restricted movement. We can replace and repair gears, motors, and moving heads in stage lights

Production company employees in a rush can accidentally damage the DMX input jacks. Known as the interface, replacing one of these is a pretty common job and will fix any communication issues between the lights and controllers

Power surges or overloading the DMX controllers and lights can lead to a failure in either the power supply or power ballast, preventing the unit from powering on, or leading to intermittent power failure

You can download a Equipment Repair Form and Fees from below.