What is the difference between Dry Ice Machine and Ice Low Fog Machine

A low lying clound on the dance floor is very popular with wedding event. However, customers may get confused when it comes to which equipment to use. In this artical we outline the main difference between dry ice machine and ice low fog machine:


1, Different Input Required
Dry Ice Machine needs Dry Ice Pallets which you need to buy on the same date of event, because it sublimes at -78.5° and you will loose upto 50% in 24 hours and there is little you can do to stop  them.

Ice Low Fog Machine needs about 10kg of Ice cubes from party shop or Coles, and normal fog liquid (more expensive Low Fog liquid is better)


2, Operating

With Dry Ice Machine we need to fill in its water tank first, then turn it on and wait for the water to be heated. Dry Ice should only be filled in its chamber AFTER the water has been heated (15-20minutes if use cold water).

With Ice Low Fog Machine, you can turn on the machine first and fill in the Ice cubes into its chamber. It takes about 10 minutes before the machine is ready to fog.


3, Fogging

Dry ice machine fogging by immerse its dry ice chamber into the hot water. Once you fill in dry ice pallets some clound will starts to come out and you can not stop it (But it is only a little bit). Usually you can control how fast it produces clound by chooseing how deep you immerse the basket into the hot water using a level.

Ice Fog machine does not produce fog, unless you push the button.


4, Cloud Effect Difference

CO2 clound from Dry Ice Machine will hug the floor all the time and generally will not go up more than knee level unless disturbed.

Fog from Ice Low Fog Machine will hug the floor for upto 2 minutes, and then start to rise as it warms up and loose weight.


5, Reheat Time

Dry Ice Machine usually requires 10-15 Minutes to reheat before it can produce more cloud, and new dry ice pallets needs to be added.

Ice Low Fog Machine usually takes 5 minutes to reheat and no other actions required.


6, Floor Coverage

Since neither can produce fog non stop the floor area coverage becomes important. With Dry Ice Machine the smallest unit is 1500W and can cover 40-60Sqm of dance floor. It will exhaust all 2.5kg of dry ice its basket can hold within 2-3 minutes. With a dance usually this is all you get as reheat will take 10 minutes by which time the dance is finished. If more coverage or longer duration is needed then we should use 3000W dry ice machine or above. 

Ice Low fog machine are usually made with 1500W heater. It produces fog much faster, fogging will finish within 30 seconds, and it reheats faster. Usually the initial fog should cover a floor area of 60-80 sqm.


7, Smoke Alarm

CO2 clound will not trigger smoke alarm as it will not rise up.
Low fog from Ice Fog Machine can rise up and trigger smoke alarm if used too much.


8, Cost

Dry Ice Machines is more expensive than Ice Low Fog Machines, and Dry Ice pallets is around 8-12 dollars/Kg in Sydney as of 2015, plus your travel time. A 40sqm floor will require at least 2.5Kg of dry ice. Fog liquid on the other hand is cheaper, and the use on the same occasion is almost negligible. You do need to spend 10 dollars to buy 10kg of ice cubes from Coles.



Dry Ice Machine can be a hassle to use to many.  You want to buy dry ice pallets on the same date of event, and they are not cheap. Storing and handling requires attention as contact with skin can cause injury at -78.5°.  However, the cloud effect can make it worthwhile. The cloud will stay under knee level all the time, and there is no concern of triggering smoke alarm.

Ice Low Fog Machines is easy and economic to use, but it will rise up after about 2 minutes, it usually does not trigger any smoke alarm unless used excessively. It is recommended to test run before event. It will allow enough time for the photographer to take the clean pictures they need.

Where to Buy Dry Ice Pallets in Sydney?

1, Lidcombe ICE: 1 Yamma St, Sefton NSW 2162, 02 97388911, http://www.lidcombeice.com.au/dry-ice.html

2, BOC at Wetherill Park, 440 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Monday to Saturday (Saturday Morning only, Call to check availability)

3, Mr IceMan at Penrith, 67/37-47 Borec Road, Penrith NSW 2750, 0449 801 248 (Delivery to sydney metro available, 7 Days a week)



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