Avolites Titan Shape Generator Training Notes

Avolites Titan offers a reach selection of shape generators including P/T, Dimmer, Color, etc. This is shared by other high end consoles. Their trainning video can be downloaded from below link:


In this session we think below tools and concepts needs to be emphsized for new students:

Block Shape: Shapes will stay in memory even when faders are down to 0, in live mode, you can not press Clear button because they will clear eveything and create a black out scene, that is not what we want most of the time. Block shape can block certain shapes only, and block shape should be saved as a pallet for future use in either cuelist or busking to stop certain or all shapes.

Block Shape should be used in two different fashion:

1, record single pallets that block a certain or all shapes. and it can be clicked later in busking or creating cuelist

2, record block shapes in combination with other shapes, so if a drummer poistion needs to be lite, the pallet should have the position, plus Off turn off shapes.

Speed Pallet: Shape speed can be adusted by wheels, which is not easy to use. In order to create a pallets that set ALL shapes  to speed 20BPM we can run any shape, set its speed to 20BPM, hit "Off" then turn off "Shape", then save the pallet. If Shape is not turned off, it will only work with the current shape, and will have no effect on speed of other shapes. This allows you to save a few speeds that are frequently used in a show, and set the shape speed by pushing that pallet.

Reverse Selected Fixture: Most effective with P/T shapes. After a shape has been generated, go back to fixture window, select half of the fixtures on one side of the stage, hit "Reverse Selected Fixtures", the Pan or Tilt will be reversed in the shape generator.

PlayBack Options for Shape Size and Speed: By enabling fader to control shape size and speed in play back option, you now have more control in real time of the shape speed and or size, good option for live show to add more looks based on only one pallet.

Rate Grand Master: Hit "Record", then "Master", you have this option. Once created it will automatically controls everything from speed to dimmer, so when it is at 0, nothing plays

Rate Master 1-4: Similar to above, these masters are created but only controls those playback faders that was assigned to it via their Playback options' Speed Source.