Introducing New LED PAR: 18X8W RGBW, 18X4W RGBW, and 54X3W RGBW


Introducing New LED PARs by Phantos Lighting



We have a few new LED PARs that we are eager to tell you about. Whether you need to create that perfectly even illumination, or to throw a strong beam from a distance, these are the right gear for your job. They are built with durable parts, good workmanship, and we are giving you 2 years warranty!

PHANTOS 18X8W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, combined with 38.2 degree lens is made for even illumination. Wether it is wedding theme, or a concert stage this will not disappoint. With a newly designed aluminium housing it certainly looks and feel great! More Details..
You have less budget for a smaller stage or space? This 18X4W RGBW will give you everything you would expect from the 18X8W just not as bright. It is still measures 110Lux at 10 meters compared to 163 from the 18X8W ones. More Details...
A redesigned 54X3W RGBW PAR. 25 degree beam angle offers a longer throw and still looks insanely bright. Measured at 750 Lux at 10 meters, 300 Lux at 15 meters, and 180 Lux at 20 meters. You can't be wrong when thinking of something that looks very bright! More Details...